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Sleep Shaping and Coping Strategies for Expectant Parents and Parents of Babies up to 6 Months
When we become parents, sleep gets a lot more important — for our little ones and for ourselves. But not every child is born a good sleeper. Even with all the Google searches, self-help books and well-meaning advice, many parents wonder if they’ll ever feel rested again. Certified Gentle sleep Coach Mckenzie Mangus, founder of Peaceful Sleeping Baby, will guide you through gentle and effective sleep techniques to prepare you if you are expecting a little one, or that you can start to implement if your little one has arrived to help lengthen naps and nighttime sleep. Topics covered include:
  • Review of sleep basics and how your baby’s sleep is developing during their first 6 months
  • Guidance on establishing basic, however not rigid, rhythms and routines
  • Arming you with soothing techniques and coping strategies to get you through the next few months
  • An overview of sleep coaching to provide guidance for when infants are developmentally ready (if sleep remains elusive)
  • Resources

Babies (as long as they aren’t crawling) are welcome. =)