People who say they sleep like a baby don’t have one.

Welcome! I’m so happy you are here and now one step closer to getting your family the sleep they need. My name is Mckenzie Graham and I am a certified Gentle Sleep Coach. I work locally (I love meeting in person) in Santa Cruz, Monterey and the SF Bay Area. I also work globally via Skype. The approach I use is gentle and effective and allows you to gradually phase out support as your little ones learn how to soothe themselves to sleep.

Why Sleep?

How do you feel after a long restful night of sleep? Happier and more balanced? The same is true for your little one. Sleep helps maintain healthy brain development and physical development. It helps promote a stronger immune system. These are just a few of the positive effects of sleep – making it essential that children get the sleep they need. Sleep is a learned skill and some babies need more support than others on the path to long restful nights. The good news is you need not do it alone! I am here for you and can help give your family the gift of sleep.

Do I Need a Sleep Coach?

It’s normal to feel strange about hiring a sleep coach or sleep consultant. In part because there are some negative stigmas around sleep training babies. Also, I think many parents feel as though they should be able to figure this sleep thing out on their own. And, let’s be honest, change – no matter how necessary – can feel daunting! My main focus is to work closely with your family to create a sleep plan that is customized to your family’s needs and goals. My mission is to help your little one learn to embrace sleep with as much ease as possible. Families that were hesitant at first end up feeling very relieved they chose to work with me when they begin to witness how quickly their little one becomes a champion sleeper.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering if it’s time to work with me. Do you have a child aged 4.5 months to 5 years who wakes frequently at night and needs help to fall asleep? Do you feel exhausted? Do you dread nights and naps? Are you determined to find an alternative to the “cry-it-out” methodology? Have you tried everything and nothing has worked? Do you believe that your baby is just a “poor” sleeper? Do you miss sleeping with your partner? Are you short fused, have difficulty concentrating, or feel grumpy due to lack of sleep? If you can relate to these questions, I hope you contact me today. Why wait? Why spend another day struggling? Let’s get your family the gift of sleep!

Let me be your light at the end of the tunnel!

Let’s work together and get you:

  • An easy and relaxed bedtime routine

  • A child that falls asleep without sleep crutches (no patting, rocking, nursing, etc.)

  • Restorative sleep for you and your child
  • A well-rested, happy, baby/child

  • Better naps at predictable times

  • More confidence in your parenting choices about sleep
  • A wonderful rhythm to your day and night routines

  • More energy and excitement at the start of each day

  • More free time—for yourself, and/or as a couple

Sound too good to be true? It can absolutely be accomplished.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. It takes focus, hard work and dedication to achieve, but I can help you get there and you will be amazed at how quickly you will see your child transform into a phenomenal sleeper.

How It Works

Questions? Visit my FAQ page, or get in touch with me!

What Parents Say

Claire, Danny and June

Best Investment Ever! – 6 month old June

When Baby June was 6 months old Daddy had unexpected knee surgery and was unable to help with much for months. I was just so exhausted that we fell into a pattern of nursing to sleep and bed sharing and desperately needed help to get back on track. June was waking up every few hours until I couldn’t deal with it anymore and just let her into bed with me because at least she wouldn’t cry. Mckenzie’s sleep coaching was a perfect fit for us. She was incredibly supportive, non-judgmental, and thoughtful. She laid out a plan that we stuck to and I can honestly say it was the best money we have ever ever ever spent. June is crib sleeping from 7pm-7am in her own room! We are sleeping (together in our own bed) more than we have since June was born. Further, June and her Daddy have become so much closer as a result of the lead he has taken with this program. Mckenzie truly changed our lives for the better and I would recommend her to any and all families who are ready to make a change.

Claire, Danny and June

Grateful Mama – 2 year old Matthias

Mckenzie gave me back my sleep.
I am a single mother with a toddler and I was ‘doing fine’.
Every night I sat by the bed & held his hand to let him fall asleep (sometimes took me one hour).
If I was lucky he slept 6 hours during the night, then we repeated the process.
I got in touch with Mckenzie and we came up with a plan that I felt comfortable with for myself and for my son who was 2.
She’s an amazing listener, gentle & caring with a huge heart. If you seek help with sleep, she is the person to meet!!
I am so grateful for the sleep filled nights & the confidence she gave me.

Karen & Matthias

Happy and Rested Family – 11 month old Martin

We spent the first 11 months of our baby’s life exhausted–hoping each night that our son would finally sleep through the night. We tried numerous things, but we couldn’t get our baby to sleep soundly. He would wake up two, three, sometimes four times each night and need consoling. Less than a week after starting to work with Mckenzie, our son began sleeping through the night every single night. We are grateful every morning as we wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. Mckenzie was a joy to work with! She was always encouraging, positive, and understanding. She made us feel like we were her number one priority and was amazingly accommodating with our challenging schedules. She had such great, easily implementable ideas, and was a wonderful support whenever we needed it. Our son has learned to soothe himself and is now a champion sleeper; we are happy and well-rested parents. I would wholeheartedly encourage any parents who are facing sleep struggles with their little ones to seek help from Mckenzie; she’s amazing!

Katie, Matt, Larry & Martin